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The oldest of the archangels was Satanel who became Satan after he was cast out of heaven.  Satan was followed by his twin brother, Sandalphon who was known among men as Odin.   Another set of twins, Raziel who was known as Zeus and Jophiel who was named by mortals Poseidon, followed.   Odin, Zeus and Poseidon, came to earth to battle Satan, where they were worshiped as gods of the old world.


Next were born Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel, “The Faithful.”  Finally, Zadkiel, Camael, Sachiel and Azazyel, “The Unvaliant” were born.  These last four archangels remained neutral in the War in Heaven.  As they refused to take up arms to fight Satan and his followers, they and their legions were later cast out, but not into Hell.


Azazyel was one of two hundred angels sent to watch over the children of Adam and Eve in the years before the flood.  They were called “The Watchers.”  The Watchers broke God’s laws and sinned by taking mortal wives and for teaching them forbidden secrets.    The Watcher’s part-angel children were called the “Nephilim.”  Some became giants; others became heroes of myth and men of great renown, such as Hercules, Achilles, Beowulf, and Perseus.


Azazyel (being an archangel) was held to a higher standard, and for his crimes he was buried alive.  The mother of Azazyel’s unborn child married Ham (the youngest son of Noah) and was thus saved from the flood upon the ark.


Azazyel’s bloodline periodically manifests remarkable powers and abilities in his descendants.  During the Great Flood, the single continent, Pangea, was broken up and the appearance of the lands changed, so that not even the other archangels now know where Azazyel is buried.


Satan seeks for Azazyel to recruit him to his army in his quest to seize the throne of heaven from their father.


The vampires seek Azazyel for his blood.  They hope that in his weakened state, he will be an easy target and that his blood will give them the power of flight.


Gabriel and Raphael seek their archangel brothers to try and enlist them into God’s army before the Battle of Armageddon.  Only the last Scions of Azazyel have the power to find him.  Gabriel and Raphael must find and protect the children of Azazyel or all may be lost.