The Witch of Endor



“…Lilith had been born different. She had grown up seeing and conversing with the dead, although she did not realize they were dead until her parents asked her to whom she was speaking. It was the magic that came later when she reached puberty. She could not control the magic in those early years, so her parents had to move from Nazareth to Endor…” “…She rose, slowly, painfully. Her skin split as she bent her elbows and her knees. Dark blood, and clear fluids, wept begrudgingly from the tender fissures in her ruined flesh. She shrugged off the pain as she left bloody footprints upon the floor boards…” “…Her shadow stretched before her, a dark reminder of how she must now appear. She looked at webbed fingers where the flames had melded once supple flesh together. Her once beautiful, sensual, legs were now scared and disfigured. She leaned over the edge of the dock and peered into the clear water. She muffled a cry with one hand as she saw the monster that she had become…”